All Classmates 70th Birthday Party

June 25, 2008

Roseville Central Park

Friends of Roseville Picnic Shelter

St. Paul, MN

10:00AM to 2:00PM















Attending the party were (ordered by classmate`s last name):


Bill Casey

Larry Carlson

Ron and Joanne Causton

Tom Diebel

Pat Fuller Arent and Roger

Pat Gunderson Spanovich and Ed

Jim Johnson

Mary Komives Shearon

Marsha LaBonne Timlin

Gloria Langevin Ulbricht

Barb Maier Seaberg and Dave

Sharonlee Marstad Strochkirch

Nancy Mattson Schwandt

Bev Nelson Lau and Marvin

Clyde Nelson

Sharon Nielson Gosiak

Ron and Lois Peschel

Terry and Wendy Rossi

Lorelei Sabean Libby

Anita Shisler Johnson

Betty Sorenson Cloutier and John

Anita Uherka Clingman and Lowell

Berit Villa Anfinson and Bob

Ken and Bonnie Wenzel

Bob and Kay Witt