Can you identify a WHS Class of 1956 classmate from a recent picture?


Each page below has current pictures of WHS class of 1956 classmates.  The follow-up page has a link to the 1956 picture for each classmate.  Try identifying each classmate from the current picture before linking to the answer page.  Click on a page below to reveal the 2006 pictures of the classmates!


Page 1     Page 2     Page 3    Page 4


Additional pages will be added for more classmates when pictures are available.  Please send a copy of your HS grad picture and a current frontal face picture to Audrey Keefe Mitchell.  If you do not have access to a digital copy, take the picture(s) to Kinkos and get copies on paper or have them email a digitized version of the copies to me at yerduanna@yahoo.com.  If you want my address for paper copies, please email me.