1953 Entertainment


Academy Awards

Best Movie:     "From Here to Eternity"

Best Actor:      William Holden  ("Stalag 17")

Best Actress:   Audrey Hepburn  ("Roman Holiday")





TV Ratings

1.  "I Love Lucy"

2.  "Dragnet"





Billboard Ratings                        [Hits]

1.  "Song from Moulin Rouge "    Percy Faith

2.  "Vaya Con Dias "                    Les Paul & Mary Ford

3.  "Doggie in the Window "         Patti Page




1. The Robe                                         Lloyd C. Douglas

2. The Silver Chalice                           Thomas B. Costain

3. Désirée                                            Annemarie Selinko

4. Battle Cry                                        Leon M. Uris

5. From Here to Eternity                     James Jones

6. The High and the Mighty                Ernest K. Gann

7. Beyond This Place                           A. J. Cronin

8. Time and Time Again                      James Hilton

9. Lord Vanity                                     Samuel Shellabarger

10. The Unconquered                         Ben Ames Williams




Miss America: Neva Jane Langley (Miss Georgia)