2018 is the year when most of us turned 80. So……..LET’S HAVE A PARTY!!


DATE – Wednesday, August 8, 2018

PLACE – Roseville Central Park Victoria West Area

               2495 Victoria St. N.      Roseville, MN

TIME – LIONS SHELTER from 9am to 3pm


FOOD – Bring Your Own Lunch (BYOL) and beverage

            - Coffee and bottled water provided

            - veggie and fruit trays provided

            - pastries available around 9:30am for those who arrive in the morning

            - Lions Shelter has kitchen facilities, water, electricity, 3 grills

ACTIVITIES – Conversation, conversation, conversation………………….


Program (informal) after lunch (maybe 1pm);

come prepared to share a story about an event, teacher or classmate

Bring your own lawn games, card games, board games, Bocce Ball

The park has hiking trails

COST – we will pass the hat; suggest $5 per person to cover costs of park use fee, fruit and veggie trays, water, coffee

RSVP before July 25th to Audrey Keefe Mitchell

                                      761 Cornell Dr.

                                      Santa Clara, CA 95051


                                      e-mail – yerduanna@yahoo.com

                                      Include your e-mail address, home address and phone number




Classmates that have not been contacted by email, postcard, or phone:

If you have any information about any of these classmates, please email information to yerduanna@yahoo.com or call at 650-867-8976


Doris  Anderson

Loretta Koren Egger

Judy Knudson Facklam

Darlene  Fredrickson

James  Glenn

Harvey  Hanson

Keith  Hobbie

Robert  Horton

Betty Grinnel Hostrawser

Stanley  Jakubowski

Donald  Johnson

Bridget Gronberg King

Arlene Eisenman Lamberton

Rita Maher Luzinski

Wayne  Nelson

Shirley Rose Och

Charlotte Hamilton Olson

Elaine Treichel Schneuer

Darlene Anderson Tatum

Roger  VanVoorhis

Marjorie Hall Weaver



Classmates who need transportation to/from the party:

Berit Villa Anfinson (Northfield, MN)

Jackie Schauer Grunklee (Kasson, MN)

Beverly Nelson Lau (Cannon Falls, MN)


As of April 9, 2018, there are 36 attending RSVPs. 

We hope more will come.  Please help by contacting your classmates and helping them if they have trouble getting to the party. 

Classmates’ attending RSVP

Pat Fuller Arent 

Roger  Arent   :Guest of Pat

Karen Swanson Booth 

Roger   Booth   :Guest of Karen

Betty Wolfe Carlson 

Bill  Casey 

Carol Johnson Casperson 

Lynn  Clasen   :Guest of Sandra

Sandra Melby Clasen 

Sharon Nielson Gosiak

Beverly Wall Jessup

Dan Jessup  :Guest of Beverly

Anita Shisler Johnson 

James  Johnson 

Dean  Libby   :Guest of Lori

Lorelei  Sabean Libby 

Audrey Keefe Mitchell 

Clyde Nelson Nelson 

Judy  Nelson   :Guest of Clyde

Gerald  Norve 

Marlys  Norve 

Barbara Meier Seagram 

Dave  Seagram   :Guest of Barbara

Don  Shearon   :Guest of Mary

Mary Komives Shearon 

Eunice Hagstrom Sundberg 

XXX  Sundberg   :Guest of Eunice

Marsha Labonne Timlin 

Ken  Wenzel 

Bonnie Wenzel  :Guest of Ken

Betty Hunter Wilson 

Vic     :Guest of Betty Wilson

Bob Witt

Kay Witt  :Guest of Bob Witt

Roger Ziehl

William Zins